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Solo Dance Seminar

Saturday July 9, 2022
Bonus:Social Dance Session Sunday July 10, 2022
 Solar4America Ice at San Jose

Count Down to 2022

Solo Ice Dance Seminar 2022

October 8, 2021 

Join our Solo Ice Dance Seminar

2 hours of on-ice instruction by top ice dance coaches on Saturday
Test Session on Saturday
Stick around for 2 hour Social Ice Dance Session on Sunday


Solar4America Ice Center located in San Jose, California

Tips and Techniques

Our coaches are experienced coaching solo ice dancing, and former Team USA competitors.


Test Session Available

We will have a 1-hour test session on Saturday.  This is open on a first come first-serve basis with priority to solo dance seminar attendees.

Safety Protocols

We plan to follow current guidance to conduct a safe experience. 

 Solo Dance Seminar Schedule

All times are Pacific and tentative

Day/Location Activity
Saturday 10 AM-12 PM 
Solar4 America Ice Center
Solo Ice Dance Seminar
Saturday 12-1 PM 
Solar4 America Ice Center
Test Session
Sunday 9:15-11:15 
Solar4 America Ice Center
Social Ice Dance Session

On-Ice Seminars

We will be highlighting Solo Dance Specific Techniques presented by our Guest Coach Beata Handra


Beata Handra

Beata is a Four-Time US Pewter Medalist, World Team Member and  2002 Olympian with Ice Dance Partner Charles Sinek.  Beata has performed in professional ice shows including Ice Dance International.  She coaches students in both partnered and solo dance as well as moves in the field.  

We will be hosting a test session and will prioritize Solo Dance Seminar Guests

Test Session July 9, 2022

$ 75

Solo Dance Seminar

This is for the 2-hour on-ice seminar on Saturday July 9, 2022.

$ 22

Optional Sunday Social Ice Dance Session

This is to join the 2-hour Social Ice Dance Session on Sunday July 10, 2022.  This fee should be paid to the rink using there DaySmart registration system.

$ Varies

Test Session Registration

The cost of test session varies based on the level of dance being tested.  

Solar4America San Jose


1500 South Tenth Street
San Jose, California 95112

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Ice Dance Weekend FAQ

It's an on-ice seminar geared toward skaters participating in the US Figure Skating National Solo Dance Series.  The seminar will be 2-hours on-ice conducted by several ice dance coaches with extensive solo ice dance experience.  The seminar will focus on tips and techniques useful for excelling in the National Solo Ice Dance Series.

We welcome skaters of all dance levels and ages. We mean it!

Did you pass all your gold dances and wish you could skate them again? We've got you covered.

Are you just starting dance? That's cool too!

The BAID Solo Ice Dance Seminar is open to all ice dancers and anyone who simply loves the sport, but is geared to those participating in the US Figure Skating National Solo Ice Dance Series. U.S. Figure Skating membership is not required to participate.

You can also wear whatever you like appropriate for skating on ice. 

Most Sunday mornings, BAID members are found skating at a rink sponsored Social Ice Dance Session at Solar4America San Jose.  A called dance list that goes through most Pattern Dances is played during the session. This session is open to all levels and types of ice dancers.  Dance with a variety of partners or skate solo or as a flock of skaters.  Don't be shy about asking others to a dance.  If you don't want to dance, suggest another easier dance with that person.  Watch out for the beginner skaters as they have less ability to control their moves and stop suddenly.  There is no jumping and dance spins allowed only if session is not crowded.


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